Almanac August 24 :: Alice B. Sheldon

James Tiptree, Jr. (August 24, 1915 – May 19, 1987) was the pen name of American science fiction author Alice Bradley Sheldon, used from 1967 to her death. She also occasionally wrote under the pseudonym Raccoona Sheldon (1974–77). Tiptree/Sheldon was most notable for breaking down the barriers between writing perceived as inherently "male" or "female" — it was not publicly known until 1977 that James Tiptree, Jr. was a woman.

    Major Awards
  • Hugo Awards: 1974 (Best Novella, "The Girl Who Was Plugged In") and 1977 (Best Novella, "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?")
  • Nebula Awards: 1973 (Short Story, "Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death"), 1976 (Novella, "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?") and 1977 (Novelette, "The Screwfly Solution", published
  • under the pseudonym Raccoona Sheldon.)
  • World Fantasy Award: 1987 for the collection Tales of the Quintana Roo
  • Locus Award: 1984 (short story) 'Beyond the Dead Reef', and 1986 (novella) 'The Only Neat Thing to Do'
  • Science Fiction Chronicle Award: 1986 (novella) 'The Only Neat Thing to Do'
  • Jupiter Award: 1977 (novella) 'Houston, Houston, Do You Read?'
  • Seiun Award: 2008 (Best Foreign Language Novel of the Year) Brightness Falls from the Air




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