Almanac April 3 :: Don Gibson

Donald Eugene "Don" Gibson (April 3, 1928 – November 17, 2003) was an American songwriter, country musician and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. Songs include: "Sweet Dreams";"Oh Lonesome Me";"I Can't Stop Loving You";"Blue Blue Day";"Give Myself a Party";"Look Who's Blue";"Who Cares";"A Stranger to Me";"Lonesome Old House";"Don't Tell Me Your Troubles";"I'm Movin' On";"Big Hearted Me";"Just One Time";"Far, Far Away";"Sweet Dreams" (re-recording);"What About Me";"Sea of Heartbreak";"Lonesome Number One";"I Can Mend Your Broken Heart";"So How Come (No One Loves Me)";"Head Over Heels in Love with You";"Anything New Gets Old (Except My Love for You)";"Oh Such a Stranger";"Cause I Believe in You";"Again";"Watch Where You're Going";"A Born Loser";"(Yes) I'm Hurting";"Funny, Familiar, Forgotten, Feelings";"A Lost Highway";"All My Love";"Ashes of Love";"Good Morning, Dear";"It's a Long, Long Way to Georgia";"Ever Changing Mind";"Solitary";"I Will Always";"There's a Story (Goin' 'Round)" (with Dottie West);"Don't Take All Your Loving";"A Perfect Mountain";"Someway";"Guess Away the Blues";"(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle";"Country Green";"Far, Far Away" (re-recording);"Woman (Sensuous Woman)";"Is This the Best I'm Gonna Feel";"If You're Goin' Girl";"Touch the Morning";"That's What I'll Do";"Snap Your Fingers";"One Day at a Time";"Good Old Fashioned Country Love" (with Sue Thompson);"Bring Back Your Love to Me";"I'll Sing for You";"(There She Goes) I Wish Her Well";"Don't Stop Loving Me";"I Don't Think I'll Ever (Get Over You)";"You've Got to Stop Hurting Me Darling";"Doing My Time";"I'm All Wrapped Up in You";"Fan the Flame, Feed the Fire";"If You Ever Get to Houston (Look Me Down)";"When Do We Stop Starting Over";"Starting All Over Again";"The Fool";"Oh, Such a Stranger";"I Love You Because";"Any Day Now";"Forever One Day at a Time";"Sweet Sensuous Sensations";"I'd Be Crazy Over You";"Love Fires";




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